Kate Moss is the face of fashion brand NIKKIE.


Nikkie Plessen made yesterday evening during her fashion show known to top model Kate Moss managed to bows for her fall collection of her eponymous label NIKKIE.
Tough, strong, feminine and sexy

Nikkie Plessen, who founded her fashion brand in 2011, says
pride in the new face. “Kate embodies well what I want to radiate with my fashion label: she is tough and strong, but at the same time feminine and sexy. That they NIKKIE wants to represent as Muse, of course, is fantastic. Kate Moss is also for me personally always the ultimate example of style. During our meeting that we had such a good click directly and they now face NIKKIE is, is a dream come true. With Kate Moss as
Ambassador of our brand we NIKKIE international rock-solid on the map.

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Source Glamour


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