Review of Fun: Green.

Bathing, showering, washing hair and play with Fun! Green Fun is quite refreshing, it smells like lemon and lime and is therefore perfect to start your day! Fun is a multi-talent, you can use it to make a bubble bath, you can take a shower and wash your hair. But of course the first thing you do is play with it there, because Fun is malleable! You can be the most fun to create and Fun figurines you can buy in five different colors and scents. Mix your favorite fragrances by each other for your own product!


List of ingredients

My conclusion: It’s okay. The scent is nice. It’s quite fun to play with but it’s just too expensive for anything other than a treat once in the while. It can get messy too so give little kids just a smaller portion to play with or you’ll find it seriously all over the place.

I hope you ‘ve had a bit of this review.




Source Lush



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