Review of Cleanser: 9 To 5.

Take the day off and brighten the skin with this almond oil and dove orchid cleansing milk, to soothe and moisturise. This is a loose emulsion with an exquisite blend of floral essential oils to brighten the skin, removing all dirt and makeup. We use dove orchid for its soothing properties, and almond oil to make your skin feel refreshed after a hard day.

List of ingredients

My conclusion: Depending on the amount of make-up product you wear, this cleanser may or may not work for you. The more make-up you wear, the more 9 to 5 you will need. Ultrabland is perfect for those extra layers of make-up and 9 to 5 is ideal for light and natural make-up. 9 to 5 is the absolute BEST for cleansing the sensitive eye area because of how gentle it is.

I hope you ‘ve had a bit of this review.


Source Lush


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