Review of Dusting powder: Silky Underwear.

This dusting powder is the ultimate finishing touch; with cocoa butter and cornstarch to soften the skin and a sophisticated and sexy yet delicate jasmine and vetivert fragrance. After bathing or showering, shake a delicate layer of this moisturising, dusting powder all over your body for velvety soft skin. Our jasmine and vetivert fragrance is sophisticated and subtly sexy. With a dusting of Silky Underwear, you won’t want to wear anything else.


List of ingredients

My conclusion: I love this product but I wish there was more choice. There is only this particular scent available for dusting powders and although it smells nice and clean it would be great to have little bit of choice. I use it for my hands as they can get clammy sometimes and it really works to get rid of the sweat. I also use it on my armpits when ever I get sweaty and now my tops still feel amazing and don’t get sweat stains.

I hope you ‘ve had a bit of this review.


Source Lush


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