Argan and Camellia oil series of Garniers Loving blends.

Today I review the Argan and Camellia oil series of Garniers Loving blends. I review for you the shampoo, comditioner, the oil and the hair mask.
Specially for dry and dull hair has Garnier Loving Blends two precious oils combined that are known for their intense nutrition and softness:
Argan oil, an oil that is used in the beauty rituals for centuries by women around the Mediterranean Sea area and is known for its highly nutritious.
Camellia oil, this oil is extracted from a flower known for its elegant, sensual fragrance and for giving shine and softness.



The first thing I notice about the shampoo is the delicious smell , you can really smell the argan and camellia oil. This scent remains still linger a while your hair after washing. In using this shampoo is also very fine. Nourishes, softens and adds a radiant shine to dry, dull hair . What I find really nice so I ‘ll be radiant for the day.




The conditioner has the same wonderful fragrance as shampoo. He nourishes your hair, but it does not heavy or anything. I find this especially good to use for my hair points very quickly become dry . If you like glansend and fed her like this really is the conditioner that you must have.



The oil

Oil has been used for centuries in the beauty rituals of women around the Mediterranean region . Garnier Loving Blends now has excellent oil for all hair types. The oil has the same smell as the shampoo and conditioner . For combing : nourishes , protects and brings you its easy to model and for daily care : nourishes , softens and makes your hair shine again . So you look radiant look every day.





The hair mask

Here too, it has the same smell as the rest of the products from this line. This mask you must bring after washing and let in than one minute . Want to feed intensively leave for 3-5 minutes . Then it was off again . To enrich your care , add to apply a few drops of oil to your mask.




I hope you ‘ve had a bit of this review.



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