5 non-obvious cities.

I love to make city trips and travel then also every now and then off to London or Paris for a day of shopping. But there are many more shopping Walhalla’s that might not directly in your top 3 are to visit but definitely well worth it.

1. Stockholm
Copenhagen you have quite possibly ever visited, but Stockholm is just a bit further away. The Scandinavian clothing style is hotter than ever and the opportunity is so great that one of your favorite brands originating in Sweden. Of course have all own boutiques in the city while you’re in the Netherlands brands online only or here and there in a small shop. What you absolutely shouldn’t skip is Gamla Stan: a street full of the cutest shops the city has to offer.

2. San Francisco
If you are thinking of shopping in the US, do you think automatically to New York or LA but it seems that you’re in San Francisco very out of your roof can go in terms of shopping. In addition to that the city is wonderful, there are shops to suit every budget. The best department stores and smaller designer shops are located on Union Square and in Chinatown and in the Shopping Center of downtown SF you can find more unique items.

3. Dubai
Are you fond of luxury? Then you should absolutely go shopping in Dubai. Beside that there is the world’s largest shopping centre, all expensive designer brands represented in the oil State. Souvenirs you can visit one of the souks.

4. Tokyo
The shopping opportunities of this city are just as colorful as the outfits of her fashionable inhabitants. Am definitely going shopping in the Marunouchi district where you can store your battle on places like Brick Square, Tokia and Oazo.

5. Boston
To find there is something for everyone in this American city. Whether you are looking for your favorite designer brand or more interested in vintage or outlets. Useful is that all that fun is close to each other is so if you don’t have so much time, then that’s not so bad. Copley Plaza and Back Bay seem to be super anyway for shopping.

When i am older and out of college I am just going to pack a bag go to the airport and pick a random destination and just go.:

Source Fashionscene and Pinterest


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