Gummi bears with rose taste.

Yes, please! Je kunt nu gummibeertjes met rosé-smaak kopen

It sounds like a dream, but it is really true: sweets and alcohol beat join hands and luxury Sugarfina candy store created the rosé-gummi bears. A pack of about 110 grams of gummi bears costs $ 8.50 (thus about € 7.67) and are available on the Sugarfina Web shop.

The rosé-sweets contain ‘ Whispering Angel Rose ‘ and are not only available, but also in bears in Rose-shaped sweets.

The bears were pretty popular, because from the time they were on the website, it took only two hours before they were completely sold out, where the website also flat by. It is now possible to register for the waiting list, where hundreds of people already on it. However, Sugarfina sells bears with champagne taste, so that you could order in time that you wait.

Source NSMBL


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