So you pick your perfect foundation match!


1. Undertones
The undertones of your skin is actually the color out there as it were ‘ under ‘. To make a perfect foundation match, it is very important that you know your undertone. Else can be a total mismatch foundation, and believe me, that’s not what you want!
To begin with, there are three types of overtones: a warm, cool and neutral. Actually say the words themselves already a lot, but sometimes it is difficult to discover what your undertones. For example, consider the veins on your wrist. They are clearly bluish in color? Then you have probably a cool undertone. Your veins are blue-green or green? Then you have a warm undertone.
Are your veins a bit unclear? Then pick up a sheet of white paper and keep it past your face. Brightens your face more pink? Then you have a cool undertone. Brightens your face yellowish? Then you have a warm undertone. You can also try with garments in a cool and warm color, what color is yours better?

2. Skin type
As you grow older, you learn your skin getting better. Dry, oily, impure, there are so many types of skin types, anyone have a others. Try to view your skin as well as possible, you have oily areas or dry? Very much pimples or pigmented cheeks? You can also go to a beauty specialist if you not true! Find out what skin type you are, will definitely help you on your way to the perfect foundation!

3. type of foundation
What kind of foundation you want to use, depends quite a lot on what skin type you have. If you have dry skin, you better not use mattifying foundation. The same goes for oily skin, you can then better not choose a dewy one but rather a matte!
You have many impurities that you want to hide? Then choose a very opaque foundation, these are usually slightly thicker in structure. If you have no impurities and no thick filler layer on your face, you better choose a light opaque foundation or a BB cream! View so well what foundations all be there and go looking for the gene that’s best for your skin! Choose the best, but not the first create calm a choice or let your advise.
Also always type the name of the foundation that you can see, in on Google. You will see that there are quite a few reviews have been written about by other girls! YAY for the beauty bloggers! It is always nice to hear the opinion of others about a product.

4. Skin color
Than is the latest and perhaps the most important tip for choosing a good match: your skin color. Many girls find it but difficult to color to choose that match their skin tone and it is! Foundation not you use yourself with a nice tanned skin, let us for. To a foundation to test properly, it’s best to start by this on your hand. Not for the good skin color, not that! But the structure of the foundation to feel, he is thick or thin? Lubricates it out and what is the effect if he once smeared?
Then you can for the perfect color match, the best make the foundation on your jaw line. Then you can see at a glance whether he fits in your neck! Walking also always out, also good to view the color in daylight.

Source Fashionista


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