Weekend inspiration: 10 kitchen things you should do now.

10 keukendingen die je nu toch wel weg mag doen

Crowded cutlery drawers, lids without pans, a jumble of baby … The kitchen mucking about is one that always on your to-do list remains-until now. Take an hour of the time, throw the biggest culprits away and learn what you can do to it never more so out of control.

1. FRIDGE MAGNETS To it at it’s Marie Kondo’s to do: does it spark joy? Unless you fridge magnet of high sentimental value is a tropical or corner of the world, he probably does not bode well for your kitchen. The same applies to all notes under those magnets: your shopping list last week do you really don’t need it anymore.

2. UNUSED MUGS the mug was the kitchen version of the shower gel with badspons-gift wrapping: the gift for when you have absolutely no idea what you should give someone. Meanwhile, that colourful souvenir and fun slogans cups piled up and unused in the closet, mismatchend with the rest of the service. Verman yourself and point them the door.

3. REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS We know We now have to take our own shopping bag to the store, but you really need a whole stack in stock? Keep there are a number of in your kitchen cupboard and move there some more to the trunk of your car-you do not even have more to think about in order to take them.

4. ANYTHING FREE WAS Extra chopsticks, packs of soy sauce, the contents of a Kinder surprise egg-you will always get new store with your next purchase, so don’t really need.

5. YOUR HUGE COLLECTION TUPPERWAREBAKJES a plethora of plastic containers is the main cause of avalanches from your kitchen cabinets. Reduce your collection to just two sizes trays, Liban says Driskill, cleaning guru behind Get Organized Already. Hold on to about six boxes per size. This way you don’t spend half an hour looking for a appropriate lid with each dish.

6. you SPONGE although the USDA Research Group discovered that when in the microwave stop a damp sponge 99.9998% of eradicates bacteria, it is a fresher idea to a smelly sponge throw it away.

7. additional KNIVES professional cooks swear by three to five blades, thus Driskill. She recommends so to for the same number of. The chance is big that you rarely used more than a chef’s knife, serrated knife and peeler. OK, and an extra set for when the dishwasher is still running.

8. TEA TOWELS and WIPES YOU EVERYWHERE for USED towels are the most infected item in your kitchen, according to a report by Kansas State University. Even worse: about cleaning wipes can spread salmonella itself at night, even after the rinse in the sink. It is therefore recommended that one cloth to use for cleaning, one Tea towel for wiping and they throw in the hamper every day-especially if you have prepared meat. Have you used cloth, hang a new on.

9. KITCHEN GADGETS that YOU NEVER USED Pasta makers, bread machines-cooking shops are full of Nice gadgets that you can use for one purpose. That gadget takes half your kitchen leaf in and use the less than four times a year, then-ie worthwhile to do away or to the cycle-especially if a mundane object that can accomplish the same task just as well. Just look at the market place what you get in return.

10. UNUSED COOKBOOKS if you’m for over a year and never have prepared something out, it’s probably time to give up your cookbook-except if it is a family cookbook is or other valued item. In that case you can move the book towards the living room and a nice spot in the bookcase or on the coffee table. And uitgescheurde recipes: more than a month old and not created? Away with it.

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