Yes! You can now build your own McFlurry.

If it’s really true that the McFlurry M&M soon disappears, McDonald’s at least doing a fine good maker. Since this week it is at all McDonald’s restaurants to put together your own McFlurry, the fast-food chain in a press release.

This personalized ice cream is called MyMcFlurry and you may choose your own your own topping and sauce. At this moment the toppings: Peanut M&M, Oreo, Cornetto and Caramel Fudge and sauces: chocolate, caramel or strawberry. The choice is giant!

Earlier this year introduced McDonald’s all the option to personalize your citizens and at the moment there is in Hoorn and Amsterdam Zuidoost also a tryout with a Salad Bar. What’s next?

Source glamour


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