Hotspot: Remise47 in Amsterdam West.

At the back of the popular De Hallen in Amsterdam West, you’ll find it just as young Hotel the halls, and also restaurant Remise47 daaarbij. The welcoming property that was formerly a tram depot, offers travellers the chance to after a day out in the Dutch capital in the modern hotel. But there is another reason to go to this place. You can also look fine dining.

Menu changes
The menu changes with the season and the taste of the chef. So there was in May the asparagus menu. Now kicks the new chef Robin Tait with a dinner of lobster. By lobster croquettes to the exquisite shellfish with Tarragon and grapefruit with puttanesca sauce and black pasta: as a lover of lobster you can get your heart this month.

Of citizens to cod
The atmosphere feels accessible, which probably is due to the friendly staff and the playful colors in the Interior. Next to the bookcase, the menu on a large chalkboard. There you’ll discover classic French and contemporary cuisine, if you prefer from the menu of the month. Think of black angus Burger, steak tartare or COD. You can choose a wine with each course, or go for a gin & tonic, Margarita or dry martini.

+ Finally, another plus: Remise47 has a terrace with a lot of sunny hours. So if you are around and the sun shines, then this is probably the best kept secret. ++ and forward, we’ll give you a second plus point. Because breakfast is served to guests of Hotel not only the halls, but also for the spontaneous passerby. And that is with poached eggs and pancakes.

De Hallen / Remise47, Bellamyplein 47, 1053 AT Amsterdam

Source Glamour




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