Designer: Piet Hein Eek

Designer Piet Hein Eek graduated in 1990 at the Design Academy in Eindhoven with a striking project: a closet from scrap wood. The demolition wood cabinet from 1990 was Eek’s response to the prevailing taste for perfection. He wanted to show that products that are not perfectly, also to our feelings of aesthetics and functionality. He also wanted to make a product design that with limited resources, resources that were available. The combination of unusual use of materials and less usual, but simple, production processes is the common thread in his work.

The Cabinet gave him national fame and since then it is him directly for the wind. A subsequent “doors project” in 1996, with old doors were applied in new cabinets, was exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

A trunks, an armchair, a wardrobe with cold room doors from scrap wood, a Kabouter Plop-table, and the Madonna’secretaire-Cabinet, these are just some of the robust products by designer Piet Hein Eek. The imperfection of the material often delicate colors of the paint flaking off, the chance remaining profiles, the contrasts between the different types of wood was in unique combinations to new life. Soon evolved the work of van Eek to the application of a wide range of old and new materials and found objects.

Source Kunstbus


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