Designer: Bertjan Pot

Bertjan Pot (1975) is like so many Dutch designers product of the Design academy in Eindhoven where he graduated in 1998. He makes mainly elegant interior décor items. Less is more at Bertjan Pot. A lot of white, black, thin, minimalist but, above all, innovative designs. He graduated with the Netted lamp. By textile to edit with resin retained the textiles are form, a technique that he applies in his successful lamp ‘ Random light ‘ and the ‘ Carbon chair by MOOOI ‘ both of which are sold. In 2006 he won a Dutch design award with his “smart table” in 2011, he was nominated again with his lamp Heracleum. This time he was not, however, the price to take home. Bertjan Pot experiments like new materials and techniques.

Its my party and I cry if I want to - Bertjan Pot

Carbon Chair Bertjan Pot en Marcel Wanders

For its Carbon chair (collaborative project with Marcel Wanders) won Bertjan Pot in 2005 an Elle Deco Award. Now the Carbon chair even to admire in the MOMA in New York. In 2012, he won the first FRAME MOOOI award for his project ‘ stairway to heaven ‘.

Source Nederlandsdesign


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