Magnum launches two new flavors.

Right in time for the summer that is imminent: Magnum launches two new flavors. Magnum Double is the latest ice cream in the Magnum family.

The name says it all: double the fun of your Magnum. This you can expect: the famous Magnumijs, enveloped by a delicious layer of cocoa. The whole is then dipped in a rich sauce and packaged with the intense, crackling Magnum chocolate.

As we said, this is about as many as two new flavors. There is a Magnum Double Chocolate and a Magnum Double Caramel. The first is the ice of chocolate, the dipping sauce a full chocolate sauce and all of this is wrapped in a thick layer of chocolate. The caramel-variant consists of a Magnum, dipped in a rich sauce of melted caramel.

Figurehead of this new Magnums is none other than Kendall Jenner.

Source Glamour


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