In 12 minutes with your work-out.

Before the summer so you have a killer body.

beeld: Victoria's Secret Sport

We know: it remains difficult to motivate yourself that last winter rolls of your hips off to train. But now you can really no longer around it. Only twelve minutes – Yes, you read that right – are needed for a body that are just a little tighter. And the beauty is: everybody can do it.

According to a recent survey from Denmark offers the so-called 10-20-30-training the solution. This is one of the most effective and intensive interval workouts that can be applied to any form of cardio.

Try so no longer among those grueling training to come out (we know, it’s tempting), because cycling or rowing can too. The workout begins quietly through thirty seconds at a comfortable pace to train. The following twenty seconds you build your speed on and in the last ten seconds get your picture. You do this a total of five times before you two minutes should stop.

Next, repeat the first five minutes one more time and then you may enjoy on the couch flops again. As simple as that!

The investigation showed that runners who the 10-20-30-training eight weeks two days a week followed, lower blood pressure and faster were developed in the running of five kilometers. So it is not only good for a bikini body, but also for your endurance. Good for when you do get that debilitating running training decide to do.

Source Elle


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