Kate Moss shares her 4 best old school beauty tips.

Have you always wondered how top model Kate Moss on her 42nd still looks so fantastic? In an interview with W Magazine shared the British top model her success-guaranteed-beauty tips that keep her body healthy and in shape.

1. the juice cleanse
‘ at least three times a year I do a week long a juice cleanse. I love it and it feels fantastic. I get so much energy, I am almost hyperactive! ‘

2. Caffeine-free
“I almost never drink coffee. Especially if you want to do a cleanse you get there the worst headache of. I did once a cleanse with my mother and this found it very difficult because they could drink no coffee.

3. The Sun-opinion of Charlotte Tilbury
‘ it’s not like I sit in the Sun at all anymore, but I do not, for example, more to sunbathe. I got that tip ever by Charlotte Tilbury who told me to stay out of the Sun. She is red-haired, so she knows best. At first I ignored her, but now I take no risks more! ‘

4. Ice cold water
‘ when I wake up I dip my face in ice cold water, that I learned from the movie Mommie Dearest! This kind of old-school tricks really work. I do it when I need to for a shoot in the morning very early on, and then I stop there pieces of cucumber. All the blood rushes to your head. Then you are guaranteed awake. ‘

Source Vogue


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