Hi Fryslân: hotspots in Leeuwarden.

Cheeses and dry sausages, beer and beerenburg, sûkerbolle and other whimsy.


> Restaurant Endless of Chef William S drives ever again. An opinionated farmer’s son – meat comes from his father’s company – who has to Michelin star at that level but is boiling. Korfmakersstraat 17, 058-2130835
> Nice subdued is cooked at restaurant Le Sandre, indeed especially vissig – de langoustine Tartar is delectable. Eewal 54, 058-2998465
> Modern and fresh pretensions (and sometimes a bit too much attention to the Visual effect): SEMS. Gouverneursplein 36, 058-2162214
> On Star level and on level (the 11th floor of the WTC-Hotel) you can classic and good food at Elevé. Restaurant Elevé, Heliconweg 52, 058-2334900
> And move forward, because we as Marbles are: try the kitchen from By Ús above ‘ the cellars ‘. Frieze with a friendly wink. Over de Kelders 24, 058-215 8663


> Water is like drinking Beerenburg. You can taste it at the big Bal, and if you just forgot that Beerenburg (!) was an Amsterdam merchant herbs, you can get it on the spot in the Bal-museum name lookup. Boomsma Distilleerderij Museum, Bagijnestraat 42a,
> Beers on tap and music at a volume that you still can talk well with each other? That can at bruin Café De Stee. Stationsweg 8, Leeuwarden
> For drink with useful, go to Grand café the Walrus to the already vibrant Eewal. The place to be to watch city.Gouverneursplein 37, 058-213 7740

Source Elle


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