Inside the coolest bachelor pad.

Just when you thought you’ve seen the coolest bachelor pad, this one by architect Bernard Khoury, comes along. Called the NBK Residence, it’s situated in Beirut and has a 3-level design that spans 4,000-square-feet. Inside, you’ll find 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a rooftop swimming pool, and massive windows throughout. To top things off, there’s even a library on the second and third floors, complete with a metal connecting bridge.

Covering badass bachelor pads on a regular basis, it takes a lot for us to get excited when it comes to apartments. Well that’s exactly what architect Bernard Khoury was able to do with the amazing NBK Residence.  The famous Lebanese architect has designed a contender for the greatest bachelor pad of all time. Located in Beirut, this 3-level abode spans a massive 4,000 square foot, and includes 5 bedrooms along with 7 bathrooms.:

Source Pinterest


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