Eat, drink and lunch 8 x from hotspots in Groningen.

This student city not only has good beer and tasty sandwiches döner on offer. In Groningen also called Grunn mentioned here more and more open shops with fine and healthy eating & drink the doors.

Bread- rocket - chicken - avocado - bread - sundried tomatoes - bacon - onion - mayo (optional, I'd replace it with a very thin layer of pesto) - bread. SANDWICH.:

Just outside the city centre you’ll find a gem of a dining tent. You recognize Anat to the light blue facade. For this place would really be some thin skirt. At Anat you can enjoy vegan and organic have breakfast or lunch while you’re at the top of the ‘ living room ‘ on the grass of the noorderplantsoen Park overlooks.

For a hearty meal you need at Pernikkel. Here you are in the middle between the stadjers and students who also like to come here. The owners have an eye for local products and create a new menu every week.

If you like food, you’ll be happy anyway this case. Beans, grains, nuts, dried fruit, fruit and vegetables, they have it all there. You can bring your own bottles or jars, or they buy in the store. Everything in the store is packaging free, regional and organic. The owners also organise regular cooking workshops and lectures.

One of the most beautiful bakers stores in Netherlands. At the same time, this huge thing, full of marble and a very high ceiling also the place where hotel guests can have breakfast or lunch. But also if you just spend a day in Groningen, you can get a nice roll here.

At Holtbar you can find original Groningen presents, fun must-haves and a good cup of coffee with a healthy snack. Also very suitable for people who eat gluten free.

Known for years in Groningen. Would you like to end the day with a good beer, then you should go to Belgian Café darninsuang. Here they have about 100 beers on offer (of which 23 are on tap).


Do you know that: that something hip is because it’s not hip? That is Mr. Mofongo. Another concept in the city. If you graduate then you drink a cup of coffee here often with your parents and grandparents before you again the steps of the beautiful Academy building ascends. But also if you have not so far are, chances are you’ll regularly at Mr. Mofongo.

For delicious and photogenic coffee should you at Black & Bloom. They call themselves the “first artisan espresso bar” of Groningen and make their coffees of the best beans from all over Europe.

Source Elle Photo’s 1. Pinterest 2. Anat 3. Pernikkel 4.Opgeweckt noord 5. Bakkerij Blance 6. Holtbar 7. Pintelier 8.Black&Bloom


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