Met Gala 2016: The Biggest Hair and Makeup Trends of the Night.

Oxblood. Trending. New hot color for fall. Dark Heart Diva. Be Bold.:

Blood Red Lips

Where we normally see bright cherry lips on the red carpet—always a classic, safe choice—celebrities at the Met Gala went deeper and darker.
The silver eyes would stand out against the gold! Its a nice shape i will use this because its bold and i love how the black out lines thr silver to make it eye catching:

Metallic Accents

Of course all metallic everything would be trending at the biggest fashion-meets-tech event of the year.
Photo fashion street style beauty makeup hair men style womenswear shoes jacket:

Power Braids

More a staple than a trend at this point, braids aren’t going anywhere any time soon. But what set tonight’s apart from the ones we spotted at Coachella, are that these had some real Game of Thrones vibes to them.
JASPER ABELS, Minimal & slicked hair.:

Liquid Hair

The wet, slicked-back look has been around for a few seasons now, and while we were hesisant to embrace the hair trend at first (“Who wants to look like she just got out of the shower?” we thought), celebrities are finding new ways to make it look more wearable.



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  1. fabuloustalk schreef:

    Leuk geschreven, maar ik kon de afbeeldingen niet zien ! x


    1. isabel1311 schreef:

      Heb de afbeeldingen bijgewerkt zodat je het nu kan zien.

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