6 x why a cat is good for your health.

Great photography. This is my favourite picture that I've seen on Pinterest: When you come home to your cat can you see if you have a bad day behind the back. He will then try to cheer with licks and hugs. We have 6 listed reasons why a cat is good for your health.

1. A cat you get a better immune system a cat as a pet gives you more social support, reduces depression and lift your spirits quickly. This adds to a better immune system.

2. You have less chance of allergies and respiratory problems Children who grew up with cats (and dogs) at a young age, less likely to have allergies.

3. A hug a friend lowers your cholesterol of course you have also a diet and lots of exercise.

4. No stress with a cat! Maybe you have a super busy lives and a stressful job. Play with your hug friend can help you with your thoughts are somewhere else here.

5. You never let a cat only it might just be that you have a small circle or that your friends live far away. But it is always a nice feeling when you get home and your cat is waiting for you. So you never feel alone.

6. You hug a friend allows for quite a lot of movement Cats don’t have as much movement as dogs, but still love a game of running back and forth. You can create your own exercise of your cat buddy!

I am 4 away from my YouTube goal! Check it out if you get a chance.❤️ -youtube.com/channel/UCrhXe…: Just one more page...then to bed...please.:

Portrait Inspo For A.: so cute cats. for more images http://artonsun.blogspot.com/2015/03/so-cute-cats-for-more-images.html:

Source https://nl.pinterest.com and http://www.glamour.nl


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