Everything you need to know about the orange slices.


The orange slices, who knows him not. Tom Tom two layers of puff pastry with in between airy banquet fill and on top a glaze layer. Not decent to eat, very tasty. And popular, according to the figures. Here some nice (base) facts, where you have a drink today – and of course, vanilla slice again can have:

oranje tompouce - foto: Hema.nl

The number of calories in this pastry is not for the cat. This three haps cake contains more than 300 kcal per piece. And that for such a light pastry. But hey, the King is but once a year birthday.

The size of an orange slice is (almost always) exactly four to ten centimetres.

Quite a few countries mention the vanilla slice a Napoleon. The vanilla slice is also across the border, there is called the delicacy as follows:
> In France it is called millefeuille;
> In Flanders they call it a Baker or glacéke;
> In Italy it is called mille foglie ;
> In the USA they call it napoleon or a nap;
> In Sweden they call it a napoleonbakelse;
> The Norwegians call it a napoléonskake;
> Also for the Russians it is a hаполеон (Napoleon, that is).

With very many Dutch people eat Koningsdag tompouces. Pastry chefs call it a super sales event. The sale of tompoucens rises so hard, that the turnover of bakers often of predecessor which day.

I love vanilla slice and koningsdag. I wish you all a nice koningsdag desired.

Source http://www.elle.nl/


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