These are travel trends by 2016.


How to make a vision board and chase your dreams ( step-by-step guide), via Career Girl Daily:

Tessa aan de Stegge of the Office Cherry Picker has recently researched the travel trends for the new year. To see if this is true with the reader in a stunning photoshoot, we have a follow-up study done. We have thousand women the most interesting questions on their travel behaviour. And there are these nice findings come true.

Nearly half (47 percent) of all women books themselves their trip online. People nowadays have so no longer a travel company to put together their travel, they do this all by themselves.


The women like to be completely surprised with the location of their holiday. Almost half of the people (49 percent), don’t have to determine where they are going. The surprise effect they find fun. This is exactly what Cherry Picker concluded from their research: by the many investigations for a destination disappears the mystery-effect of your holiday. We want so don’t know where we are going.

Research by Cherry Picker also came forward that people no longer want to a destination that is known to a large audience. Although we used maybe security wanted because we knew that a lot of people there were going, this is nowadays is something different. Also, our research shows that a fair number of 71 percent, namely, prefer to go to a “hidden spot” goes where the less touristy.

Cherry Picker also has discovered a new travel trend: the “solo” travel, or all alone or in a for you unknown group. Our research shows that the trend to all alone to travel indeed popular, but that traveling in an unknown group of people has little chance of success. It is rather alone or with a self selected group.

Cheap and chic

Another travel trend of Cherry Picker also seems all clear to play. People choose not more for one kind of travel as a city trip, a luxury trip or a budget trip. No, cheap and chic is mixed and here is eighty per cent of people agree with that. They mix a high budget with a low budget and find this alternation much more enjoyable.

Not so environmentally friendly

Cherry Picker also has “green is cool” as new travel trend. The new generations would consider it important to go green to travel. But unlike the results from their research, it is clear from our research that we find important to go green to travel, but there not always to think. And this applies to about 70 percent. On the other hand, nineteen percent of people it’s not even important to environmentally friendly travel; they find comfort yet more important. Oops! That is not so positive.

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