Interior inspiration : botanical.


Yes! A interior design trend which we mildly very happy is botanical. In this trend are tropical flowers, plants and animals and is characterized by natural materials, eye-catching colors and prints and the many flowers and plants.

Man, man, man what is this trend. Because the spring is the season to a large clean-out and organize your whole Interior to throw. And let’s be honest well; you make your interior only really Jump proof by adding a little green to add to. Botanical is therefore a win-win!

The rise of the botanical trend is not entirely surprising, because last year we turned our Interior to massively to a cactus heaven. In fact, it is a good excuse to your cacti reappeared to get or to expand your collection even more.

Also as the rural, minimalist or industrial Interior lover you can apply this trend in the House. You do this very simple: add some green! Choose for beautiful tropical plants and flowers, on the table, on the floor or on the wall. Have you just as we do not have a green thumb and keep a cactus alive is already quite a task? Also then you can easily turn the Interior in a botanical atmosphere. You do this by (illustrated) posters of plants to your wall.

To specify how you can integrate the botanical trend in your interior, we searched the most beautiful inspiration images for you. Get inspired!

In the Green spheres.








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