Interior inspiration: rural.


If we think of Interior styles, then the rural interior one of the first styles that us comes to mind. No wonder, because a country Interior has over the years become one of the largest interior design trends. At country living is the rural atmosphere at home. No, no cows and chickens, but rustic furniture, hardwood floors and light walls. Sleep at this interior style Central. The tensions of the city, which stand for busy furniture and striking colors, be replaced by the quiet touches of the countryside.

At a country-style interiors are natural materials such as wood, fabric and stone. Enter here the overtone in wood. This type of material is both unprocessed as modified (often in whitewash) intrigued in the Interior. In addition to the choice of material, also determined the use of colour the rural interior style. So is there mainly used shades of white, soft shades of gray and beige earth tones. If you want more color in your House? Choose pastel colors. So you keep the country style and is your home right away spring proof.

Of course determine the forms of your furniture and accessories also a large part of the rural interior style. Tight and straight furniture are not done, albeit not the best but you can alternate with round and ornate furniture. This also applies to Accessories!

To get a better picture and more inspiration about the rural interior style, we searched the most beautiful inspiration pictures for you.

Get inspired: rural.










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