These cities you should really visit once!


We love travelling! Cities trips are therefore also one of our favorites things to do. These three less popular cities for a city trip all on your must-visit list?

If you are in need of a city trip think, do you think often of well-known cities in Europe, such as: Paris, Barcelona and London. Of course, these cities also really a must to visit, but the cities in this list are just slightly less popular. That they are less popular, does not make them less fun! That’s why you really should visit once these cities.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This trendy city is super popular and we understand why! The cheerful cottages and beautiful buildings are very photogenic and perfect for great Install pics. Flying takes a little longer than an hour and so this city is perfect for a short city trip!

Christianshavn (Copenhagen, København, Danmark, Danish, Denmark, travel, Europe, city, capital, visit, beautiful):

Reykjavik, Iceland

It might be a bit cold, but with your winter wardrobe and a pair of warm boots feel there’s nothing! Also this town is super hip and a real hotspot that you must have seen! In Reykjavik, you also have the Blue Lagoon. Beautiful blue water to swim in! Do you think that cold? No not at all! The Blue Lagoon is heated in a natural way.

Blue Lagoon Hot Springs - Iceland ✨✨ Picture by ✨✨@ThreeIfBySea✨✨:

Tokyo, Japan

This city is located on the other side of the world, but it is well worth a visit! A totally different world than we are used to, how much fun is it to find out? Eat all foods to be found in Netherlands can not get it, visit a cat café and shop till you drop in all great Japanese stores!

The weird and wonderful world of Japan! Tokyo fascinates me and I so want to go there!:




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