These 9 nude items can you really get let go!

nudeNude and beige are still all the way in. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, the sisters Jenner and Gigi Hadid: they wear it all and she is gorgeous.


Gigi Hadid carries the nude colors super pretty: she goes for a complete look. Dress, jacket and heels make it completely. Above you can see also two cool trench coats in the nude/beige color: the top one is of Modemusthaves and costs € 64.95 the bottom comes from Bonprix and costs only € 39.99. Love it! You can go but you look like Gigi for one the beige tones you can also combine nicely with white, light grey or other colors.

Kim Kardashian is seen outside 'Serafina Restaurant in Soho December 9, 2014 in New York City.: nude










Than Kim Kardashian, they prefer to wear earth tones and this is her very classy. Kim k. often combines nude with a camel color as pictured above. It is nice when her skin color and, of course, is her makeup look matchend. The best thing is to be here in terms of makeup quiet colors to contribute. The basic shirt above you score for only 12.99 €, and you make him off with jewelry, beautiful makeup, your favorite jeans or skirt. Ready to go;)

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