5 ways to matte paint to use at home.


And that is easier than you think.

5 manieren om matte verf te gebruiken in huisWe can’t say it enough: paint is one of the most effective and budget-friendly ways to dramatically change a room, whether you want to increase it now, you want to make better art or even want to flatter people. But choosing that color is only the first step. In addition to that color is the finish of the paint sometimes just as crucial to set the tone in a room. Think so even beyond the satin and semi Matt, let go for matte paint. Kristen Chuber of website Paintzen explains you why.

Interior Styling | New Ideas for Walls:

1. Avoid COMMON AREAS NOT thanks to the advanced technology in quality paints are matte paint types nowadays just as durable as semigloss and they can even be used in damp areas. The advantage of Matt paint in common rooms? They cover up everything. ‘ A wall with dents or holes normally reflects light, which those imperfections shows ‘, says Chuber. ‘ A matte finish can correct imperfections masking and let the wall a lot smoother and neater looking. ‘


2. USE IT to ART to highlight the soft, rich look of Matt paint makes it perfect for luxury lounges and dreamy bedrooms. The velvety finish art picks: ‘ Polished and metallic jump lists there by a matte background really matter, ‘ says Chuber. ‘ The flat finish creates a contrast with the glossy surface of the lists, making it elegance is added to a gallery wall. ‘

#ClippedOnIssuu from http://issuu.com/conde-nast-digital/docs/the_world_of_interiors_-__august/c/sljz8ux:

3. Try BRIGHT and DARK COLORS Matte paint is high in pigment, which means that he completely covers regardless of the color you choose. Chuber recommends for striking colours to go when choosing a tint. ‘ Where high gloss can make a bright colour too hard or fur, a matte finish there just before that the tint is Cretaceous and emollient works ‘, she says. ‘ So you can for go dark with black, deep purple, charcoal, dark red or Navy Blue for a rich atmosphere that also still comfortable. ‘

Emerald green bedroom:

4. EXPERIMENT with STRIPES Chuber recommends with stripes to play to create a unique illusion and contrast that draws the eye to the wall. For a monochrome look you can go for stripes in the same color, but alternating in finish; for example, semigloss and matte. Even though the colors are the same, the different finish sure it seems like there are two different colors are used. For a more dramatic look recommends to Chuber in both finish and color to vary. For example, try glossy white stripes opposite Matt Black.

Niets kan zo snel en relatief eenvoudig een woonmetamorfose bewerkstelligen als een deur van Skantrae.:

5. PAINT DOORS and LISTS if you prefer safe plays, recommends Chuber to experiment on doors and lists. ‘ A matte finish on lists and doors creates a silk-like and elegant contrast with walls that have a slight sheen ‘, she says. ‘ Matt black lists and doors opposite light walls create especially those unexpected look, as well as colorful walls against mat white details.

Source http://www.elle.nl and https://nl.pinterest.com


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