You’ll find the perfect color for your wall with art.


And that can change your whole vision of your art.

Zo vind je de perfecte kleur voor je muur met kunst

Ready to upgrade your gallery wall? Choose art is only the first step in presenting it. With these six tips for dyeing the underlying wall to make the whole just as unforgettable as the artwork itself.

LOOK at the ATMOSPHERE of the IMAGE or COLLECTION a wall with art is to draw attention to the works of art by a color they look like lets jump. But, he must also reflect the atmosphere of the art. ‘ The color you choose would have to let art rays ‘, says Charlie Cosby, creative at Farrow & Ball. ‘ By the right colors to choose behind art, you make sure that someone who walk into the room the atmosphere of the work more intense. ‘

LOOK at the SOFTNESS of the WORK you have bright, graphic pieces hang out, or just soft paintings? For example, you have dark sketches, then you can emphasize this softness with a gray background. On the other hand, you have graphics and busy lines, then you can better choose a color that contrasts.

CHOOSE a FLAT COLOR Much paints come in colors that shine, but this can impact on the character of deeper colors. Choose prefer a flat paint that reflects only the color. ‘ A color without depth is a better way to put the focus on art ‘, says Jim Eaucette, District Manager of Sherwin-Williams in Norfolk, United States. ‘ There is no glare, making it light only reflects on the art, and not on the wall. ‘ As a rich, dark tone is too intense in a matte finish, try a satin finish-which also is good to fingerprints to cover them up.

WHITE works, but not always white is often too white. That sometimes works: art dealer Edward Winkleman opened a new space in New York, where he his regular Benjamin Moore’s White Dove (which is slightly yellowish) exchanged for Super White. ‘ This cooler tint White has a sterility, such as those in an operating room, ‘ says Winkleman. This was at the conceptual photography out there at the time.

In many cases, however, barred a white back wall. ‘ All-white spaces a concept from the twentieth century ‘, says Interior painter Mark Chamberlain. Modern art galleries embrace less hard kleumer: for an exhibit of Pacific Art in the LA County Museum of Art was a wall painted in a maté tea color. ‘ It almost seems on a cup of green tea, “said Nancy Thomas, senior Deputy Director of the museum. “It ensures that work in a softer, more natural environment depends. ‘

CREATE an ACCENT WALL to highlight a specific work of art, recommends Sherwin-Williams to to choose a color from the painting for the wall and the other walls a different color to dye. Remember: dark walls make a painting lighter.

DON’T EXAGGERATE a color often seems not strong, until you get the whole room in the paint color. ‘ You want the walls Extras ‘, says Jeffrey Strean, design-and architecture Director of the Cleveland Museum of Art. Home owners often underestimate the power of a color. Note also overtones-all color you need is perhaps hidden in a gray or beige tone.



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