Delete wallpaper in 5 steps.

Makes that rot char just a bit easier and the walls more beautiful.

Behang verwijderen in 5 stappenDream home found but ugly, yellowed wallpaper on the walls? Many people are afraid of the job of removing it and choose to dye over it. Unfortunately this usually picks up not looking good: wallpaper can still go bubbling and torn edges, naturally always remain visible under the paint. So removing the wallpaper, and there we help you with a step-by-step plan.

1. Prepare for make sure the room is empty and your space from the wall to be able to walk backwards. Remove light and hazard switches and other things about the wallpaper back down so that they do not obstruct the pull. You want to extract the wallpaper in one time.

2. The TOP LAYER start by removing the top layer wallpaper. Grab a putty knife and start in one of the bottom corners, where you pull the wallpaper release from the wall. Then extract the very corner of the wallpaper, and pull it slowly diagonally from the wall-because you do, continue the pieces diagonally wallpaper stick together, and it is more likely than at one time. When the two sides are not equal, you pull the side which lags behind quietly so that they are equal. Only when the entire bottom edge of the wallpaper is loose from the wall, you grab the wallpaper right and pull you, while you slowly walk backwards, the whole wallpaper.

3. The ADHESIVE, When the top layer (for example, the print) has been removed, there is still a sticky residue on the wall. Fill an empty spray bottle almost to the brim with hot water and put a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Spray the potion on the adhesive and allow it a few minutes to soak in. Over time will the go low bubbling and without saying let go of the wall.

4. HELP the adhesive is of course not in one go without saying of your wall. With your putty knife you help the low a hand. You do this in the same way as in step 2. Start at the bottom and work upwards.

5. CLEANING If the adhesive is removed, make a mix of one part vinegar and three parts warm water. Removes adhesive remainders and get the wall clean before you go paints.




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