Make up trend: Strobing.

Are you still working on camouflaging and contours of your face? No need for that anymore! The new makeup trend this summer is to, of course, and how you do that? With strobing!

A healthy shine on your face is so much prettier and so much easier to do! Help mother nature a bit with it to the best of you face come! How do you do this?

The goal is to lookup goes to the natural colors that match you skin color and skin type. This will accentuate your your personal contours and lines on a ‘ no makeup ‘ way! Ever heard of strobing? No? We first either, but that is why this article is the perfect way to get your future makeup habit something better ‘ get to know ‘! Honest, who would not a beautiful natural glow on his face? We do!

Instead of using a dozen different colors and brushes is all you need a strobe cream highlighter! The moment you almost finished with your daily makeup routine, it’s time to give a finishing touch! Look carefully at the places where your face captures the light. This is especially on the nose, Chin and on the forehead. If you have found this a bit is easy: lubricating what highlighter strobe (in small bits) on these spots ennnn you’re done!

No more contours, no weird tiger stripes. Just a natural glow on the good spots!


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