Spring fever: 12 x the cutest spring coats.



The countdown is over now: spring has officially arrived. But unfortunately not in Netherlands means that we can store our coats. No, the next few weeks (hopefully not months) we are, by the cool weather, more or less still required to have a jacket to put on. In itself this is not a disaster, because every spring we spotted the cutest spring jackets in the Collections. So replace your parka or wool coat for a jacket that is lenteproof. What we really like about spring jackets is the thickness of the fabric. The times of a far too broad and great jacket with the entrance of this season officially over. So you can finally show off your figure, yes!

Also this year you can choose endless in terms of model. Go for a classic look? Then the trench coat a good choice for you. This item are you going this year in all kinds of colors. From camel to baby blue, there is something for everyone.

The biker jacket gives your outfit right away a rock ’n roll look and is perfect for the edgy lovers. And the sporty lovers can this spring at the bomber jacket. We wrote a while ago about this item, because the monotonous bomber jacket this year has given way to the statement bomber. It should include patches, embroidery or special patterns. Especially the Japanese influences play a big role! In addition to the trench coat, the bomber jacket and the leather jacket you can of course also with a thin jacket or denim jacket go show off.

Our rule is: a new season, a new coat. Are you totally agree here? We were looking for the most beautiful spring coats for you out, so you guaranteed starting the season well. Be inspired by the most beautiful inspiration pictures before you scroll all the way down to one of the nicest spring jackets of the season to score.

Get inspired.






Source http://www.styletoday.nl


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  1. ModaSplash schreef:

    I like them all! X


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