7 paint tips that you must know.


No more stains on your wall!

7 verftips die je móet weten

Your House paints-or even one room can work very daunting, but paints-the power of a new wall color is undeniable.

To the process somewhat simpler, and even more fun, make. And those seven tips I share with you.

1. create your WALLS CLEAN but don’t make no dagklus. A dry cloth is basically enough to effectively remove dust and dirt from walls. By disposable wipes to use you don’t have a clean cloth.

2. SKIP the COLOR SWATCHES to choose the color closest to the color in your head is, is keeping a small piece of the wall to dyeing and a number of days to let it sit. This way you can see how the paint looks at different times of the day, next to your furniture and with the lighting of the room.

3. PAINT IN a STRAIGHT LINE is not necessarily a good trick to a good opaque layer, in a W-shape to dye and then the holes to fill. This helps to keep the remaining paint over the rest of the surface, so that the layer nowhere to chunky.

4. one word: MIX you have several cans of paint, mix them in one big bucket. As you mix the paint, the color remains consistent when dyeing, seen any can of paint at all may be different because they are mixed separately.

5. use LIP BALM and PETROLEUM JELLY maybe you have ever gotten the tip at dyeing your hair: grease the edges of your face in with paint so you don’t get stains on your skin. So is it also in house: apply lip balm to the glass around your window frames, so the paint that you mess to wash off easily. Hinges of doors you can mold release with petroleum jelly and doorknobs cover your with a plastic bag. Saves yet precision work with that roll of tape.

6. WHITE PRIMER IS NOT ALWAYS the BEST if you have a dark color on your wall paint, choose a ground color that more leans towards the color that you want. How to get the best result with less opaque layers of paint.

7. you DON’T HAVE to SUFFER the PAINT SMELL you can not stand the smell of paint, then add two drops of vanilla extract to each bucket of paint. Can’t hurt, and gives the room a lot more delicious fragrance.

Source http://www.elle.nl/


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