Why nail spray the new craze is in the beauty industry.


A new fad in the beauty industry ensures that you no longer need to paint your nails, wait until they are dry, and have to pay attention that you do not ruin them. A real Nail Polish spray has been developed that will keep you in an instant your nails a fresh new color.

Innovation in the nail Polish industry

Different makeup companies bring the new product on the market, including Nails Inc. ’s Paint Can and Milk Studios Milk Make up spray. Experts in the makeup industry tell it to women’s Wear Daily that this much-needed innovation in this branch of industry. The sale of nail polish is recent years worldwide by as much as 7 percent fell sharply, and there is little innovation in this segment of make-up products, according to women’s Wear Daily.

Nail spray in the uk a great success

The nail polish spray hopes to be an answer to this now. The product came on the market last year in the United Kingdom, where it soon became a great success. ‘ Paint Can is the dry-shampoo, nail polish of the world ‘, Thea Green, the founder of Nails Inc. that the spray for the first time. ‘ We are always looking for new and innovative products for nail polish to make it as easy as possible for the consumer. It is ideal for quick and easy to get a nice color on your nails. ‘

And if you bring the nail spray on.

Green explains the nail polish is easy to apply and that remnants of the product easy on the hands with SOAP and water to remove. For best results use a base coat, then the nail polish spray and finally a spray-topcoat. Or this spray the nail polish of the future? ‘ These nail spray is a new way to paint your nails, but it will be the traditional way of bottle with the brush not replaced. ‘ says Green.

Step by step instructions for yielding nail spray you can find more on the site of Sephora. Paint Can is available from Paint Cans website and at Sephora, Milk Spray is available through Milk Sprays website and Urban Outfitters.

Source http://www.vogue.nl


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