Like! Photos on beautiful materials to the wall.


What could be better than to cheer up the Interior with photos that you’ve made yourself? Holiday pictures, family pictures or images that in nature are taken. Wall decor with a personal touch. We put for you five different wall decorations in a row. Each with its own charms. What is your favorite?

First of all is durably popular canvas canvas currently very popular. For a small price you let your picture with bright colors on a canvas come to life. The close weave textile gives it an authentic effect. The canvas is stretched tight on a solid pine frame. Especially pictures of people and surroundings pictures with blue sky are very well suited on canvas. Blue tones and skin colors are sharper displayed by the use of the color light cyan and Light Magenta.

Tough and sleek aluminum when you are looking for a tough and tight look, wall decoration on aluminum is definitely worth considering. This material is solid and suitable for outdoor use. There are two possible finishes: brushed/white aluminum. The first gives a rough appearance – beautiful in wild nature pictures – and the second provides a natural look.

This exclusive plexiglass material allows your photos come to life, is glorious and gives the image an exclusive look. Plexiglass has two different editions, standard and luxury. The Deluxe Edition has a dark foil protective layer. Dark foil ensures that the contrasts and colors appear sharper. Leave a vacation photo print on plexiglass and relive the holiday at any time!

Sharp and playful posters Decorate the nursery with a beautiful picture of the family, friends or their favorite tv hero. In addition, posters suitable for student rooms. They give a playful effect and are made with quality and attention. You can choose from two types: posters on satin and stick-on posters. These can easily be hung on the wall, door or Cabinet.

Natural and robust wood an authentic and unique look on a natural product. The picture on poplar wood is modified on white wash – this allows the photo better come true. When you choose a photo on wood luxury, you get a wall decoration on the terraced shelves and is modified with a white wash. Wall decoration on wood fits especially well in homes with a Scandinavian Interior and beach-style homes.

Where you choose?



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