5 skirts that you must have in your closet this spring.


The real daredevils have probably already with bare legs out the door, but the first official skirt day by 2016 is yet to come. What skirt you choose on this particular spring day?

1. The classic pleated skirt classic, but easy to a contemporary twist: the pleated skirt or plissérok is an item that you can combine in different outfits. For example, wear the skirt with a few wedges at a party and combine that same skirt with sneakers for a trendy office look.

2. Hippie happy in 1970s the suede miniskirt look continues to dominate the streets. A Suede miniskirt should therefore not missing from your wardrobe. The miniskirt is in all sorts of colors and shapes found in the leading fashion shops. Do you really want all flowerpower? Then choose a patchwork skirt or a copy with buttons on the front.

3. Prima ballerina in tutu the black variant of the tutu was last Christmas is already a big hit, but also in the summer you can enjoy striking out the door. Modemusthaves has several tutus in light colors as pink and white in the range that you know your Carrie Bradshaw look complete.

4. the old school denim skirt you have there stuck in the past had a’s in your closet. The nail skirt makes a comeback this summer and can be worn to your heart’s content. Both in the 1970s as ‘ 90 the denim skirt did good business, and let these eras well determine the mode image again in 2016. Do you have a denim issue? There are all sorts of DIY tips for the creative.

5. let the sun shine: go for yellow during the fashion weeks, we saw the color all come back in the multiple collections: yellow is hót this summer and absolutely deserves a place in your wardrobe in the form of a skirt. Choose a stylish maxi copy for a romantic boho look.

Fingers crossed that the first warm, sunny day soon takes office and that spring continues, so we all skirts variants can try!

Source http://www.glamour.nl/


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