How to make an industrial Interior soft and chic.


A concrete floor, grove brick wall, many unfinished details. An industrial design gives a space a raw edge. By adding the right color accents, beautiful fabrics and vintage accessories, give you an industrial interior a softer look.

Industrial colors

A tough design kent in the base a lot of black, white and shades of gray. A beautiful accent color in such industrial décor is cognac. How about a cognac-colored, leather sofa, Chair or Ottoman? Also wood shades that are close to cognac, give a beautiful finish. For example wooden lamp legs or a wooden end table. Is a concrete floor you something too intense? A dark wooden floor fits well in this style.

Substances in an Industrial interior.

Softness in a large space such as the living room bring in with beautiful fabrics in deep colors, for example in your window decoration or pillows on the couch. Colors like deep dark blue, Army Green or dark purple give subtle color to the space without compromising on the tough style. For freshness exchange your dark colors with beige or another light tint. For example, on the wall, in the frames or if detail in the window decoration. Choose curtains with a vertically striped pattern for the optical creation of extra height. Would you like to vary in terms of atmosphere? Try different in-betweens in this color variants to mix with each other. During the day, close the lighter toned in-betweens against viewing, hang your evening there the dark variant over it to make the space even more. You can, depending on the space and desired light, in-betweens of course also combine well with a roller blind or curtains in a blacked-out fabric.

Vintage accessories

A loft with a concrete floor, an old factory building: an industrial design is the perfect basis for vintage accents. This strengthening on the one hand the tough style (think of an old, iron shelving unit or a weathered, wooden table with metal base) but also add a touch of class. Copper sta-or hanging lamps and candlesticks are great when dark shades, make the space look fancier and also fit well with cognac-coloured furniture. The old industrial look you strengthen by original details. Think, for example, of an old Briefcase (or if you have the space: a large old chest!), a wooden wall or a pharmacist’s unit if typecase glass Cabinet. Are you looking for more industrial Interior tips or do you want to help in discovering your own style? MrWoon offers free interior design advice without obligation &. Make an appointment at your nearest consultant.



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