The 5 biggest mistakes made by dyeing furniture.


From old to brand new (free).

De 5 grootste fouten bij het verven van meubels

Sounds easy, a Chair. However, you might run quite a few problems if you have the brush there without preparation for move: peeling paint, Bobbles in the finish … They put all their mistakes made so far in a row, so you know they no longer have to worry. Either: so paint your meubes you without something can go wrong.

1. SANDING there are plenty of primers and paints that claim that you don’t have to scour for use. That sounds ideal, but experience has shown that sanding still is a must. Please take care that you do not create dents in the surface, and make the only somewhat rougher surface so that the paint better. If you have a surface coating, then use sandpaper with a coarser grain.

2. CLEANING then a fabric cloth (not paper towel!) on the surface, in order to remove remaining dust.

3. IN the GROUND PAINT Use foreground paint a mini foam roller and use a foam brush to get into difficult angles. Let the primer dry according to the instructions. Once the paint is completely dry, you can get any drops of sanding with fine sandpaper. Then wipe clean with a cloth.

4. Use a mini foam roller IN the PAINT to three thin layers of latex. Make sure there is about six to eight hours between putting the layers. Is important to sand between layers by if drops stayed behind and to wipe away the dust with a new cloth. The latter is important, because you really need to remove all the dirt and dust before the finish on the piece of furniture. There is every speck of dust.

5. protect a new roller to eventually Use a thin layer of water-based one-pack as Finish. To remove you go one more time gently over the layer with a roller, so you call the gladstrijkt. Let dry for 72 hours to prevent it comes paste.



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