Science says: pets are good for your health.

Science says: pets are good for your health 04/04/2016 13:22 that we be very happy of our pets makes us feel energetic anyway, but did you know that pets are also really good for your health? For the following 4 reasons.

1. You come and stays in shape or you’re behind your cat aanrent or daily with your dog runs: help you to your pets daily exercise of 30 minutes. Research has even shown that dog owners less likely to have or get overweight.

2. It’s good for your heart that melts your heart every now and then if your furry or feathered friend iet schattigs does give you already a health boost (because: happy!). But people with pets generally have a lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And let this be just the factors which play a role in heart attacks. For you and your dierenliefhebbende heart nothing but advantages!

3. Less chance of depression this brand you as animal lover probably on daily basis: you have your boyfriend or girlfriend but to watch and your day is a lot nicer. This phenomenon has also become scientifically proven. Having a pet gives a particular purpose to your life, they help you to be more social and make new friends with common interests in the pet and they reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. Also, they meet the human need to get hit and what better to do this than your buddy that knows a new trick or your lap comes down if you’re feeling down.

4. Less stress play with pets lowers your stress level. In the United States is Paws for Stress even if therapy offered to students that stressful exams. The perfect Playdate.



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