IKEA comes with five brand new designer collections.


IKEA komt met vijf gloednieuwe designercollecties

The Swedish housing giant IKEA brings no less than FIVE new collections on the market. The limited edition collections bursting apart of creativity. And that makes sense, because the warehouse hit the collections join hands with creative heads from the fashion and design world.

The collections are named Giltig, Avändar, Viktigt and Glölande. On the fifth collection of this later …

This collection is entirely dedicated to our planet. ‘Back to the Top’ is the credo for this series. Beautiful plants, katoene materials, lots of green, earth tones and hot items for your backyard.


British fashion designer Katie Eary had this collection under her good. Colorful and hysteria prevail. So we spot melting fish, bright red eyeballs and cat heads.

The Swedish designer Ingrid Raman went to his collection started with nature. So occupy shades of gray, black, beige and white color palette of the collection. The collection consists of products of diligent craftsmanship such as glassware, ceramics, woven furniture and fabrics.


Also thought of the little ones! This bombastic children’s story designed by the Flemish designer Walter van Beirendonck. In which various characters as the Evil Tiger, Duizendoog and Vliegmachien are the main characters in the story.

The collections Giltig and Användbar are already starting in April in the store. Viktigt comes a month on the shelves and Glölande from June for sale at the Swedish store.

Source http://www.metronieuws.nl/


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