Cupcake is an English word for a small cake, usually baked in a small paper or aluminum container. It can be decorated in various ways.

The first cupcake recipe can be found in the cookbook by Eliza Leslie in 1828. At that time on English genteel tea parties, besides the usual cup of tea, a cake in the shape of a teacup presented. This first cupcakes were often baked in a cup or ramekin, a statement of their names can be. Most cupcakes are sweet in taste and many people call them sometimes muffins while between these two is a difference.

Most of the cupcakes are made from a combination of butter, sugar, flour and eggs and sometimes also containing water. Benefit of celiac patients are nowadays made cupcakes made with rice flour. Depending on the available products and the creativity of the bakers there are dozens of variants. Combinations with fruit (juice), citrus fruits, chocolate and alcohol are not uncommon. Cupcakes can be decorated with fondant and marzipan. herewith decorations can be applied to the cupcake.

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