5 super crazy nail trends

The last days of diving them everywhere: new nail trends. Thanks so nice to see all those spring colors, but some trends are a bit weird really. Because pompoms on your nails? Or stones? Check out the craziest trends in 2016! Do you dare to try it?
Love these color combinations! #naildesign #nails #mani matte nails are my fav!:

# 1. pumpkin Nails
Small colored balls that you put on your nails. It looks super festive, but also whether it is really useful?

# 2. Oil slick nails
Earlier this week you could read about the oil slick liptrend but may join your nails. With oil slick lips and nails are you a super shiny girl.
Oil Slick No Water Water Marble Manicure:
# 3. Furry nails
Fur on your nails, what can we say? Okay, still one thing: how do you do this with showering? Gives you the furs off? Hairdryer them? It’s so complicated.
furry nails.......:
# 4. Quilted nails
Because you look is really wondering if your nails to match your bag.
#matterevolution #glastonberry simple clothing and accessories let your lippie and matte nails do the talking!:
# 5. Stone nails
Why would you use substances balls when you can take stones?

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