Avocado is hot. Are you a fan of avocado?


Avocado is hot. Are you a fan of avocado? Luckily it’s awfully good for you. If you eat a lot, you are super healthy every day. Here are the facts.

1. You have less risk of disease
Avocados have a positive effect on the organs and tissues that are involved in circulating blood and lymph throughout the body. They contain many vitamins, improves blood circulation and you can keep insulin levels high.

2. You keep easier on weight
Huh? In avocado is still a lot of fat? And precisely because it can help you. By eating an avocado you get a feeling of fullness so you eat less.

3. You get a glowing skin
Good quality oils and vitamin E in avocados work together to keep your skin supple and young. There is also vitamin C, it moisturizes your skin.

4. You keep low blood pressure
Do you have high blood pressure? Eat an avocado every day. Potassium keeps your blood pressure low.

5. Your vision gets better
You should not eat carrots, but avocados! In avocados is lutein and zeaxanthin. These are powerful antioxidants that heal your eyes.

Source http://www.glamour.nl and https://nl.pinterest.com


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