A smoothie is a non-alcoholic, cold drink, usually creamy and fruit.

The ingredients are mostly ice, fresh fruit, dairy products (yogurt, milk, cream). These ingredients are mixed in a blender or a special smoothie maker to a creamy consistency. For more flavor use frozen fruit and frozen yogurt in specialized smoothie bars instead of ice cubes. Sometimes extra sugar or honey added.

The term is taken from the English. In English, the term include smooth ‘smooth’, ‘plain’; for food ‘without pieces,’ ‘as a liquid. The smooth word is an adjective. When in English he is placed behind, it is intended as a noun.


Smoothies resemble certain beverages in hot countries such as India, Malaysia, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, where these types of products are made with fruit, yogurt and honey. Instead of milk or cream products is also used water.

green smoothies

Green smoothies are fruit smoothies except mainly include green vegetables such as kale, spinach and lettuce. These smoothies are recommended by their healthy character through several (US) health magazines and are popular among vegans. Because they except these vegetables also contain fruit flavors they mostly sweet.

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