Wedding cakes


A wedding cake, also called wedding cake is the cake traditionally eaten at a wedding.

A miniature bride and groom atop a wedding cake
A wedding cake is usually a white cream cake with several floors, sometimes resting on sugar pillars. Above confectionery or plastic figurines are usually posted on this cake symbolizing the couple.

The earliest references to a wedding cake we find the Romans. The “cake” was a simple cake, which many yeast was used because it would be good for fertility. This cake was broken in half and crumbled above the head of the bride. So as to beg the gods to bless the young couple with many children. The cake crumbs were, when they were taken, put the guests in turn happiness.

In the Middle Ages in England brought the bride, guests sweet breads and cakes later, to the party. These cakes were piled in a pyramid shape. When the couple succeeded each other to kiss up the mountain cupcakes without the stacked cakes dropping down, their marriage would be blessed with happiness and children.

A French cook threw icing on the mountain cakes, which the pyramid was less shaky. French traditional wedding cake, the croquembouche, still shows a great similarity to those cupcakes pyramid from the Middle Ages.

In England, the traditional wedding cake was a “fruit cake” topped with white frosting. The English Queen Victoria, had her wedding such a tart, richly decorated, one meter in diameter. In order to surpass this she left for the wedding of her eldest daughter a giant wedding cake with different platforms.  “royal” wedding cake has since been the norm for all European royal and noble families. The three-stage variant of what is now the standard wedding cake.

There are several traditions that are involved in the wedding cake:
1. The wedding cake is tackled jointly by the couple.
2. The first piece of the wedding cake for the bride and groom it to run innings together
3. The smallest cake is not raised, but frozen and eaten a year later, on the first anniversary



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