Macarons are small round airy cookies that are glued together with a soft filling. They are originally from France. In 1862 Louis Ernest Ladurée established a patisserie in the Rue Royale 16 in Paris. His grandson Pierre Desfontaines introduced macarons in 1930. His first macarons consisted of two small on almond-based meringue stuffed with ganache.

The foam consists of almonds, icing sugar, sugar and protein. They are now made in many different flavors, recognizable by their different colors like chocolate (dark brown), Mocha (medium brown), cherries (red), pistachio (green), strawberry (pink), raspberry (carmine), lemon (yellow) and coconut (creamy white). Ladurée now has several branches in Paris, but also in London, Geneva and Tokyo.

Macarons became even more popular when they appeared in the film Marie Antoinette and in the television series Gossip Girl.

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  1. laurenfayb schreef:

    I ❤ macarons! Gorgeous pictures by the way x


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