Sneakers for the spring.


Classis white sneakers

The all white sneaker trend is happy this year still going strong. White sneakers are super easy to combine and in addition they are just beautiful.


Metallic sneakers

Gold, silver, bronze and rose gold; Metallic is totally on-trend. This does not confess that you have to immerse an entire outfit in metallic spheres, but a pair of silver sneakers has been unwise cool! Anything too flashy for you?
Choose for a sneaker with metallic details!


Β Pastel sneakers
If you are not convinced of the distinctive sneakers, you might go better for a pastel color. Soft pink, light blue and mint green are the ultimate spring colors and that means you always sit well with the pastel-colored sneakers.
Lovely details on sneakers
In the spring we will drab colors for striking color tones and printing. You can choose to trade in your winter shoes for a few notable sneakers, but also small details can make a statement. Just play with the details.

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  1. Zij en Stijl schreef:

    The white one πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


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