Barbara Becker



The light of day Barbara on 11/01/1966 in Heidelberg. She is the daughter of African American photographer Harlan Ross Feltus, one of the most famous children photographers from Germany and the German teacher Ursula Feltus. Munich Barbara Becker completed training in singing and acting before they discovered the modeling itself and take the first job. Barbara now has in many different areas. It is not only in Germany Fitness First Lady, but also a well-known designer, actress and entrepreneur.


Barbara likes to experiment with unusual materials, colors and shapes and thus interpret space. Here is their quality as with everything else, which makes them very important. Along with the traditional German company Rasch 2011 brings a first home-Vision collection out, fabrics, curtains, pillows, blankets and includes wallpaper. The “home B.B passion” is a success. Now she has created six thematic creations, including, most recently, the – part “B.B home passion carpet collection”. Together with the renowned carpet manufacturers Reinkemeier-Rietberg Barbara developed these expressive rugs for residential and entrance.

The Barbara Becker wallpaper collection called ” B. B. home passion ” and marketed by the firm rasch . The collection is divided into three living spaces Moana, Aponi and Scheherazade – which include not only wallpaper, but also other device designed articles by Becker and decorative elements . The range Barbara Becker wallpaper with Hornbach consists of several nonwoven wallpaper variations that offer plenty of space for creative wall design. Barbara Becker does her inspiration when she’s on tour – the wallpaper also has the atmosphere of foreign cultures and distant lands. Discover the exclusive wallpaper collections!

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