5 products of different product groups of the hornbach

5 products from different product groups. To know more about the product, its properties, the material and so on. I chose from the following product groups:
– Paint & Wallpaper> Interior paint transparent mat Rambo.
– Lighting & electrics> Lamp Marleen buyer.
– Flooring & Tile> Carpet Tiles red.
– Home Decor & framing> Duo blind Luca – gray 60 x 175 cm.
– Hardware> drywall screw.

Of the product paint & wallpaper I have chosen to tell you more about the interior paint Rambo. This varnish is for doors, window frames, paneling and furniture. This varnish is water-based. Before you begin to paint, I will stir well, it is convenient to use a nylon brush or a velvet roller. It is ideal to lacquers between 10 and 25 degrees. The paint is after 1 hour touch dry, painted over after 4 hours at 20 degrees and resistance after 7 days. The color of the paint is dependent upon the number of layers. This coating is scratch and impact resistant, moisture and dirt resistant, flows evenly, less odor nuisance. Tightly shut, keep right and frost-free. A schedule of what you need to do the right stuff that you’re going paints. Untreated wood Wood in good condition Wood in poor condition.


Of the product lighting and electricity, I have chosen to tell you some more about hanging lamp Marleen. This lamp is made of aluminum and painted in the color of copper. The lamp is 40 cm in diameter. E27 with a maximum of 60 watts in. The cable is 1.5 meters long. You can clean the lamp with a cloth and then dry to make any stains visible.


Of the product flooring & tiling I chose to tell you more about the carpet tile. The carpet tile is a 50 x 50 cm wide square so. sitting in a box is 20, so you can put 5 m2 total. The carpet tile is of 100% PP which is a type of plastic. There are a number of advantages of a carpet tile than carpet. You can easily replace one tile. Easy to clean. Easy to lay. Easy to cut. You can attach the tiles with adhesive and double-sided tape. If you lay tiles with tape, you can put the edges with tape and in the middle distinct because everything is still to each other. You can easily this tiling pattern with different colors. For example, you can put a zebra, checkerboard, diagonal pattern.


Of the product decoration and framing, I have chosen to tell you more about window treatments and then the duo blind. This blind is meant to let daylight through. The roller blind is the Soluna brand. This blind you continuously adjustable with the help of chain operation. The roller blind head is made of aluminum. You can mount it on the wall and ceiling. You can not wash the roller blind, ironing and steaming but to take off with a cloth.


Of the product hardware, I have chosen to tell you some more about a drywall screw. This screw is made of steel with anticorrosive coating. And this screw is suitable for wet areas. You have different types. You have a fine thread for framing of metal frames. You have a coarse thread drywall on a wood frame. Drywall screws for plasterboard. This is equipped with “free ribs” for lighter screws into the cup at the bottom. These screws are of the Dresselhous brand.

I hope you now know more about a few products we sell zoal in Hornbach in the different departments.
source https://www.hornbach.nl/


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