Marburger Tapetenfabrik

Marburger Tapetenfabrik is one of the oldest wallpaper manufacturers in Europe and sells its products under the “Marburg Wallcoverings” brand name.

The Tapetenfabrik which is still located in Marburg.

The Marburger Tapetenfabrik developed the first free-repeat pattern wallpaper, fabric and vinyl wallpapers profile as well as non-woven wallpaper.

The Marburger Tapetenfabrik is very much a family business and is in its fifth generation of ownership. In 1845 Johann Bertram Schäfer started a business in Marburg specialized in interior design and started making wallpaper in 1879. The company is located in Marburg until the beginning of World War II. Headquartered in Kirchhain since the 1950 All wallpapers and wall coverings are only produced here.

The Marburger Tapetenfabrik makes more than 4,000 different kinds of wallpaper. The collection is mostly in the middle to upper price segment. The Marburger Tapetenfabrik produces the largest amount of modern, non-woven wallpapers of all wallpaper manufacturers worldwide.

The Marburger Tapetenfabrik is also known for its technology-based wallcoverings which are in a position for blocking x-rays, and electro-smog. This concept was further developed to create bug-proof wallpaper.

Marburg Wallcovering Products are exported to 80 different countries. Outside the EU Member States, the main export countries are the United States, Russia and China. At the beginning of the new millennium, the Marburger Tapetenfabrik spent the first Ulf Moritz wallpaper collection. This was followed by the collection of Luigi Colani, Werner Berges, Karim Rashid and Zaha Hadid.

Environmental protection and sustainability

All Marburg wallpapers are produced in accordance with RAL-GZ-479 and since 1991. The RAL criteria in an initiative led by the Marburger Tapetenfabrik developed by the Association of German Wallpaper Manufacturers.

An example of these standards can be seen in the company afterburn thermal process that produces virtually residue-free vapor. The Marburger Tapetenfabrik is also the use of waste heat to heat (closed fuel cycle) since 1998. In addition to generating this, have contracted external experts for the disposal of waste.

The Marburger Tapetenfabrik is the only manufacturer of wallpaper since 1990 to grant EN ISO 9001 (quality management) certification. Each year mandatory external audits to evaluate whether the company should be allowed to maintain this certification. Under the by ISO 9001 standards are environmental objectives in terms of quality strategy and product development, integration of environmental aspects in the production and promotion of an environmentally friendly method of waste disposal
In 1845, Johann Bertram Schaefer opened a specialty shop for interior design in Marburg, Germany. Today, more than 160 years and four generations later, this single core has become a modern, highly productive company that is among the world’s largest producers of wallpaper. marburg stands for creativity, innovation, a strong sense of current trends, and market development.
1845 J. B. Schaefer founds Marburger Tapeten-Manufaktur (Marburg wallpaper manufacturing)
1879 Start of production wallpaper
1889 First wallpaper collection with coordinated fabrics
1920 First room photos
1925 HOME ART Fiftieth anniversary collection with coordinated fabrics
1954 NEW RESIDENCE The first small graphic pattern after the war (Dr. Leistikow) NEW forming an abstract fabric and wallpaper collection (designed by Elsbeth Kupferrot)
1956 “Technology without repeating pattern” invention of the printing press without repeat (patented by Dr. Kranz)
1961 READY first collection with removable self-cutting edge
1963 TEXTURA The first fully cut cellophane wrapped wallpapers
1965 STRIETEX Invention of textile wallpaper warp
1969 Domotex textile wallpapers in Malimo tissue
1970 VINYLS first collection of innovations in tiles and embossed vinyl wallpapers
1972 X-ART WALLS Wallpaper multiples of famous artists
1973 backgrounds with high pressure First relief print of expanded vinyl
1975 SUPROFIL The first SUPROFIL extensive collection of vinyl relief structures, white, full-surface
1977 Profile VINYL The first vinyl wallpaper with high pressure, multi-colored embossed pattern on compact vinyl
1980 SUPROFIL COLOR Expanded textured wallpapers with high pressure, multi-colored
1981 PROFILAN Plaster from a roller, hard vinyl in a fiberglass composite
1982 Isostrip Very hard flammable heat insulating material wallpaper with detachable base
1984 GLASS PLASTER Structural surface on a glass non-woven base for painting over
QUARTZ 1985 / SIENNA Application of grains (quartz), innovative structural engineering with independent material nature
1987 GEODUR durable relief pressure Murano Grain technique on textile background (European patent 0333031)
1989 STARDUST Vinyl wallpaper with metallic decoration (glitter) for the commercial sector
1990 Patent Fabric pattern woven SUPROFIL original fabric collection with 15 years of experience and expertise
1991 DOMOTEX 9 First textile wallpaper to-embossed and printed in multiple colors with gauge pins
1992 SUPRONOVA Fabric profile, contains no PVC or plasticizers (European Patent 92,121,757.6)
1993 Repeat pattern marking Backup repeat pattern marking (Willett Inkjet) as wallpapering aid RENOVA Structured relief, 100% chlorine-free and without plasticizers, non-woven backing, removable
1995 PERFORMANCE Innovative creased look – handmade by machine ATLANTIS first 100% chlorine free pearl bead collection application PROVENCE Pearl granules on the register on paper embossing COSMO First non-woven wallpaper design
1996 PAPYRUS protect Further development of wrinkled-look wallpapers through surface machining EMC shielding wallpapers Liners against electromagnetic fields, TÜV-tested, protected by utility patent
1997 VILLANOVA Premium wallpapers (CSM) do not contain PVC or no plasticizers, embossed
1997 Janosch Licensed nursery collection of the famous writer of children’s books
1998 IT2 Plus magnetic shielding wallpaper which protects against electromagnetic radiation
1999 Carbonet Alarm wallpaper
2000 PATENT DECOR Anniversary collection “Ten years of patents”, creative options for bases, walls and ceilings
2000 ULF MORITZ 2000 Avant-garde design highlights
2000 SUPROFIL® woven Twenty-five years SUPROFIL® textured wallpaper embossed printing for professionals SUPROFIL® Original
2001 CRUSH Three new wrinkled-look designs handmade by machine, the first look wrinkled pleated wallpaper
2002 MARBURGER CEILING Vinyl structures in nonwoven material, not sensitive to floodlight – final
2003 Arttec A world first – wallcovering with lighting elements
2003 LAQUE unique decorative structures with an Asian inspired look (patent and utility patent)
BAHIA 2003 New aqua-printing technology in non-woven material with an integrated securities
2004 COMMERCIAL PATENT Durable wallcoverings for the commercial sector with woven backings – designed to be repainted
SCALA 2005 Second edition of the designer collection Ulf Moritz
2006 CRUSH GALA further technological development CRUSH wallpapers, woven material woven material
PEARL 2007 Third edition of the designer Ulf Moritz collection Construction of the new logistics center
2008 Colani Designer Collection with three-dimensional decorative elements
2009 THE WALL High quality collection of Marburg art director Dieter Langer CHARISMA fourth edition of the designer collection Ulf Moritz
2010 ART BORDERS Edition by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid Colani TSAVO second collection by Luigi Colani – “Elephant” theme Zeitlberger Photo puzzles by Vienna designer Thomas Zeitlberger using digital printing technology COLOR & Life digital print collation.



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